Tuesday, August 29, 2006

(article: The Black Voice News)
(Date: Thursday, January 15 @ 21:57:07)
(by Mary Shelton)

Racial Slurs Driving Man out of Home/Business

Timothy Williams is the only African-American who owns and operates a business in his neighborhood in Woodcrest. He believed that he was achieving his part of the American dream to work hard and be successful and to provide employment opportunities to others.
Now his dream has become a nightmare, because his White neighbors have launched a campaign to run him out with the assistance of one of Riverside County Supervisor Bob Buster's staff members and code enforcement, Williams alleges. Spray-painted racial slurs, death threats and even physical attacks against him have not weakened Williams' resolve but have taken their toll on him. Williams, who owns Secured Collateral Management, a car repossession business, said that his business has benefited the neighborhood's property values because he had invested over $100,000 into improving the property, including paving the driveway. Photographs which depict his neighborhood show numerous properties overrun by weeds and assorted debris. In contrast, his parcel is neatly kept, enclosed by a green fence. Walter Ellis, a former Riverside Police Department officer and a consultant with the company, stated in a letter that he almost did not invest in Williams' company because of the blighted condition of the property before its renovation. He stated that it was covered with abandoned vehicles, pipes and other assorted hazards, when it had been owned by a former county employee, but that neither the neighborhood nor the county had taken any action to deal with the blighted conditions for years, until Williams owned it. He stated that Williams provided necessary jobs for 35 employees, most of whom were Black or Hispanic and all of them worked very hard to make the business a success and he was proud of what had been accomplished. Williams said he had originally leased the property from a woman who had run a trucking business on the premises as it had been zoned for heavy commercial use. After he purchased it, county representatives including Buster's assistant Robert Calvia then tried to change the zoning classification to residential use only, and told Williams he did not have proper permits for his business. Although there were other businesses being run in the neighborhood including a nursery, Williams‚ was the only business targeted by the county, he said. And when he went to the planning division to apply for the permits they wanted, they denied his requests. Anomonyous phonecalls were made to the police claiming that some of the cars on his property had been stolen and officers from the Riverside County Sherif’s Department and Riverside Police Department came out to investigate but never found any stolen vehicles. Petitions were circulated in the neighborhood, he said, that were encouraged by at least one staff member from Buster's office. The campaign against Williams by his neighbors took a violent turn in a series of incidents which led Williams to file restraining orders against two of his neighbors.
Last May, Williams said, one of his female neighbors became upset with Williams after he was taking pictures of his property and others, as the county had recommended. According to Williams, the woman threatened him and said that he would not live to show his pictures to anyone. When the Riverside County Sheriff's Department was called, a deputy came out to take a report but refused to give Williams the report number. Williams said that this neighbor continued to harass him and his employees by calling them racial slurs and would repeatedly block the driveway of his business with her car. A male neighbor allegedly threatened Williams and when a sheriff deputy responded, the neighbor told the deputy that he was suffering from "flashes" and would not bother Williams again. However, he later attacked Williams on his property and when Williams tried to defend himself, he tried to stab Williams in the stomach with a knife. No criminal charges were filed in this case. Judge Charles D. Field, who heard both cases, sympathized with his neighbors, Williams said, and forced him to drop the restraining order. When Williams brought up his neighbors’ use of racial slurs and the physical assault, Field said that the neighbors weren’t being racist but were likely just upset that his business was noisy. Field, who has a reputation for pushing mediation in civil cases, kept asking Williams what was the issue. "This guy came onto the property and tried to stab me," Williams said, "What is there to mediate?" Ellis said in his statement that he had witnessed the deputy favoring the other side on at least one occasion when Williams had called for their assistance. When questions were asked to various county officials about the situation, they tossed the issue of Williams' and his company around like a hot potato. Calvia said that he worked as a legislative assistant for Buster and had little information on the situation. "I believe that there are some code enforcement issues with the property," he said, "I am not the right person to talk to about it." When asked if the racial attacks had any relationship with the problems with code enforcement, he repeated his statement that it was a code enforcement issue and he was not the right person to talk to. County Code Enforcement director Jim Miller said that the county handled many investigations and that it would take a while for his department to respond to inquiries about the Williams' property but he and the county's public relations officer, Ray Smith finally responded to questions. "We received a complaint. They're running a car repossession business on the property and they hadn't applied for the proper permit," Miller said. He denied that the county was trying to influence Williams' neighbors to complain against his business. "The county is not trying to get people to complain about the business. That's not accurate," Miller said, adding that code compliance’s purpose was to help business owners bring their property up to the proper code. He said that Williams had been denied a permit, but could not say why and that he was supposed to apply for a change of zoning but they had not heard back from him on it. When asked why the property's previous owner had been allowed to operate a trucking business, Miller said that the business may not have been operating legally. When asked why his neighbors were allowed to operate businesses including nurseries, Miller said that the zoning varies from parcel to parcel. "Any piece of property might have a different designation," he said, "You have to make sure that the use that you plan coincides with the zoning designation that exists on that property." When asked about concerns raised after Williams had experienced racist attacks from neighbors, Miller said that the county could not deal with that and said that the Riverside County Sheriff's Department should be notified. Ellis stated in a letter that what Williams‚ was experiencing was hardly unique and that other minority owned businesses have suffered discrimination in Riverside County. "The problems Mr. Williams is having as a minority business owner is magnified thousands of times in Riverside County alone. These problems which are simply due to the complexion of Mr. Williams' skin, have cost him mental and financial setbacks that are insurmountable," Ellis stated.
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Judge to determine future of auto repo yard WOODCREST:
A county lawsuit seeks to close the business, claiming it operates illegally.
10:00 PM PDT on Monday, August 28, 2006 By JOAN OSTERWALDER
The Press-Enterprise RIVERSIDE -
A judge said Monday that she will decide next week the future of an auto repo and storage yard in Woodcrest that authorities contend is operating illegally.
Riverside County Superior Court Commissioner Joan F. Burgess listened to testimony on Monday on whether to shut down Secured Collateral Management & Recovery.
Riverside County alleges in a civil lawsuit that the repo yard is operating illegally and it is seeking an injunction against the business.
The repo yard began operating in July 1997 by leasing the site on Iris Avenue that housed a backhoe-rental business. In 2002, Timothy James Williams bought the property with his wife.
The repo yard's attorney, Charles Schultz, claims the operation is permitted under the current zoning and doesn't need a plot plan because it was grandfathered in through the backhoe business and a previous repair shop.
He also alleges the repo yard's application for a plot plan was automatically approved after the county failed to timely process an appeal.
Williams testified that he doesn't have the money to relocate his business, which employs about 14 people. The county claims that since 1983, a zoning ordinance requires that any business, other than certain agricultural uses, must get a plot plan approved. Deputy County Counsel Patti Smith said the business can't be grandfathered in because there was no evidence that the backhoe business was permitted and the only permit issued at the site dates to 1969 and was for a repair shop.
Smith also said the county's delay in processing the appeal didn't result in the plot plan approval because Williams failed to give public notice.
"The county is not without heart," Smith said. "We are chagrined that there are employees that will lose their jobs." The county became aware of the repo yard in late 2002 after nearby residents complained about Williams' business. Williams, 34, said earlier that he was being discriminated against because the neighbors don't want a black-owned business, although that issue did not come up in court. He said there are other businesses in the area.
He said his gate and car have been spray-painted with racial slurs and his mailbox has been vandalized. He said he filed two restraining orders against his neighbors because he claimed they were harassing him, but a judge told him to try to get along with them.
Debbie Kruse, 47, who lives nearby, said race is not an issue. Kruse, who was not the subject of the restraining order request, said cars and trucks were coming and going night and day, annoying residents, making noise and polluting the area. Residents signed two petitions asking the county to shut down the business, she said.
"They would fly around this corner," Kruse said. "They had no respect for anybody living here." Williams applied for a plot plan when the site was designated light-industrial, Schultz said. While the application was pending, the county in October 2003 amended the general plan, which changed the property's designation to rural residential. Williams then applied for a general plan amendment.
Both applications were denied. The county filed suit in June.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Department of Justice to include Justice for Blacks!
This administration should practice a system where they will not only penalize African American violators of the law, but also enforce regulations and laws equally, with justice for all, to include African Americans. (see: http://unitedaffirmativeactiondevelopment.com/id12.html ).
This Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to act on any complaint that will benefit African Americans. (see: http://www.uaadcorp.com ). It is the main purpose of this administration and the DOJ to control who BLACKS should have as their Leaders. This is true whether it is a Congressman from Louisiana, Rev. Jackson, Minister Farrakhan, Leaders in South America, or any Leader that is of Color, should be selected and approved by White America, and this administration. In order to bring sanity to this country and the world we need to bring our troops home, impeach this ‘son of a bush’ in order that the world can, www.moveon.com.
See: http://www.outbush2005.blogspot.com

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

U.S. Department of Justice
Office of Justice Programs
Office for Civil Rights
Washington, D.C. 20531
March 31, 2006

Mr. Walter L. Ellis
Re: 06-0CR-0142

Dear Mr. Ellis:
This letter acknowledges receipt of your Complaint Verification information alleging that a member of the Lexington County Sheriffs Office located in Lexington, South Carolina subjected you to a traffic stop based on your race (African American).

An investigator has been assigned to your case and the docketed case number is noted above. Please refer to this number in all subsequent correspondence and/or contact with this office. During the investigation, you will be informed of the progress of your case, and you will be apprised of this Office's findings and final disposition with regard to your complaint.

In the event the investigator's findings do not support the complaint allegations, the case will be administratively closed and you will be formally advised of your right to pursue the matter privately in court.
Michael L. Alston Director

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Workers Compensation Appeals Board
3737 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Riverside, CA 92501
RE: Case #’s RIV0027341 / 0028016 / 0029535
A request to have Judge Petty and Judge Stach removed from this case.

To Whom It May Concern:
I would request that these two Judges not hear my case due to their prejudicial treatment of my case and my rights to a fair hearing. I request that my case be assigned to an African American judge from your court in order that I may have a fairer hearing. This case is being presented to The Department of Justice for civil rights violations by the State of California and its judicial system.
A reply to this request would be appreciated.
For more information regarding this complaint
Walter L. Ellis

Friday, February 17, 2006

A BLACK MAN’S PLEA FOR HELP! – To Amnesty International

My name is Walter Louis Ellis, born April 4, 1938 whose Grandfather and father were Slaves. I spent four years in the United States Air Force where I suffered from discrimination, along with my fellow Airmen. I spent 3 years on Riverside Police Department where I was considered the “best Negro Cop” on the department. I have been an owner-operator in the auto transport business since 1970. I have filed complaints with the United States Justice Department, U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles, North Dakota, South Dakota. I have also filed numerous complaints against Highway Patrol Officers in California in particular, in Louisiana, and in the process of filing complaints in Georgia and Kentucky. Few of these complaints have been answered or acted upon, though some have been heard and entered into the officer’s records.
I and most Blacks who are operating commercial vehicles in this country attempting to make a living for our family are suffering from a system, backed by the Supreme Court of the United States of America that allows for “selective law enforcement” by a bunch of outlaws that include this court, radical Justices, most who are Caucasian, This system is backed up with “White Anglo Saxton Protestant “ District Judges, who support the wrongdoings of the racist District Attorneys, FBI, CIA, and Police Officers throughout this Country, with Bush as their leader and supporter.
Blacks in this Country have no one to turn to regarding these serious violations of Human and Civil Rights that is only provided for Caucasians.
While being denied these rights and suffering from an unjust system that exist, we are imprisoned by this system in an unconscionable way and manner, that makes it inconceivable that we could complain about how China or any other Country would treat their citizens. The United States has to be the worst violator of human rights in the world because of their treatment of Blacks.
One would think after having Arabic Americans to violate their rights that they would lighten up on Blacks. This is not the case. It appears that law enforcement under Ashcroft and the Bush Regime has included more Blacks in their racial profiling. I believe this is due to the fact that if you are not White, you are possibly the enemy mentally.
This mentality will cause us to certainly fail in our efforts to provide “Democracy” American style to Iraq. If they receive similar justice that Blacks and others of color in this Country receive, than I am sure they have reasonable cause to resent this type of Democracy.
I’m not a historian, and can only repeat what I have been told by others, and that is that the constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights was never intended to include the Negro Slaves. Since our government never have recognized Blacks as full fledged citizens and obviously never intend to do so, we need the intervention of Amnesty International, the United Nations to investigate and enforce the Human Civil Rights issues facing Blacks and people of Color, Muslims and other Religious organizations who Rights are being trampled upon, especially by this Bush Regime. The complaints should also be included in the impeachment and an addition to his war crimes in Iraq among other charges. If above accusations are true, then can you and Bush tell me and other concerned Blacks in America, why “any” Black should shed blood for this country where most Americans and the majority of the world consider it to be racist.

Date: 08/17/05
Walter Louis Ellis 315 Neal Street Ruston, LA 71270
Dear Mr. Ellis;
I apologize again, for not sending you a notice with a new court. It was an error on my part and I apologize for any inconvience it may have caused. Your new court date has been scheduled for September 27, 2005 at 4:30pm.
If you wish to speak with the officer before court, you may come early. The officers will be at court at 3:00pm. Court will take place at 500 Charlie Rast Road Swansea, SC. Failure to appear may result in you being tried in your absence.
If you wish to have a jury trial, your written request must be presented to the court before or during your court time. If you mail a jury trial request, please mail it to the following address.
Municipal Court PO Box 429
Swansea, SC 29160
If you have any questions, please call me at the number listed below.
Rebecca C Barnett
Clerk of Court

Date: 08/24/05
Walter L. Ellis 315 Neal Street Ruston, LA 71270
Re: 23694DG; 23695DG
Dear Mr. Ellis;
I have received you request for the reports pertaining to your traffic stop. I have enclosed our incident report; this is the only report that I have on file.
I do feel I need to clarify one thing in your requests. You requested that we withdraw a warrant issued against you. I do not have any type of warrant issued for you. nor have I ever had one issued. The only paperwork that you saw in your file was a notice of NRVC which was a copy of the same notice sent to you in the mail. No paperwork was sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles, including the tickets signed off by the judge because of my mistake. All paperwork pertaining to my mistake has been taken care of. ­
If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the courts in this matter please call me at 803-568-3366.
Rebecca Barnett
Clerk of Court
August 24, 2005

Municipal Court
Clerk of the Court
PO Box 429
Swansea, SC 29160-0429
ATTN: Rebecca C. Barnett

Re: 23694DG; 23695DG

I received your letter and I accept your apology. Due to the nature of the complaint involving officers from several departments, including your department, I have filed this complaint with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) (attached is their reply.
My initial request included the following:
To drop all charges
If not, I requested and still request copies of all police reports in your possession from any and all present at the 6 (six) hour seizure.
As to your letter dated 8/17/05, I have requested that the DOJ investigate their officers and yours for violation of my rights, false arrest and detainment, and treating me as a terrorist suspect.
I suggest that your department assist me in investigation the Sheriff and DOJ officers, while the DOJ investigate the Sheriff and Swansea Police Department. Again please forward a copy of all investigative reports your department has in its possession and may obtain regarding this case. I also would request that your department of Court address in writing that the warrant issued for my arrest due to your mistake be withdrawn.
Walter L Ellis

Thursday, February 16, 2006

'outbush' in order that the world may 'move-on'

This administration received support winning the election, supported by radical conservatives, and those who violate the laws and regulations instituted by civil rights regulations and affirmative action. This administration's take on affirmative action is if it doesn't benefit Caucasians more than Blacks then it should not be enforced. Then they send my son and many other Blacks in harms way to protect this system for freedom and justice for white people. This administrations position on affirmative action, has allowed the predominately Caucasian law enforcement to profile Blacks more than before. Their method of harassment is to cite and arrest on site. These law enforcement officers are allowed to act out their prejudice, knowing they have the full support of the judicial system, the Supreme Court and this administration in particular. See: http://www.outbush2005.blogspot.com

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


To: Lexington County Sheriffs Department
521 Gibson Road
Lexington, SC 29072

From: Walter L. Ellis
315 Neal St.
Ruston, LA 71270

To Whom It May Concern:
Please be advised that my mailing address have been changed as I previously related to your office via telephone. On that date prior to June 21,2005 I also spoke to a clerk Rebecca, and asked for another court date due to my being injured and hospitalized and not able to attend the court hearing set for June 21,2005. I also spoke to your assistant on the same date as I spoke to Rebecca asking for your department’s procedure in filling a complaint against Officer Troutman and others present at the scene of my arrest and detention on 5/5/05, where I was held in excess of 6 hours, at times not allowed to use the restroom and verbally abused by Troutman and other so called law enforcement officers.
As a former police officer myself I hope this officer, you and others members of the SWANSEA POLICE DEPT. and Lexington County Sheriffs Dept., don’t treat all minorities and your majority citizens as I have been by these so called law enforcement officers, with one exception that being the State Trooper who was professional, and should set an example for what your department needs to strive to attain.
On two or more occasions prior to June 21, 2005 I was told by officials in your office that you would call me regarding this complaint. After not hearing from you by telephone, I can be reached (951) 956-0343, (951) 452 9160 or toll free (866) 276-2294, I decided to come to SWANSEA on 8/15/05 at which time Rebecca advised she would have you to call me on that date upon your return to your office. So far I haven’t heard from you. I have asked, and again ask for procedures where this matter can be adjudicated by written correspondence. It is at least a nine hour drive from my location to your town, which creates a hardship particularly since I am not guilty of the allegations made against me. I am the offended, rather than the offender. (see attached documents).
Due to you and your officer’s violation of my civil and human rights, I am in the process of filling a formal complaint with the United States Department of Justice. I ask that you provide me with a copy of the police reports of the four agencies present, including that of the SWANSEA PD, LEXINGTON COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPT., and any of the Federal Officials present that are in your possession. I also request that the failure to appear be withdrawn, issued 07/26/2005.
This is another example of how your department operates in its attempt to put as many Black people in prison as possible for your own personal reasoning. This order was issued after I was told by your clerk Rebecca prior to June 21, 2005 that I would be given a later court date and would be advised by mail. When contacted at your office on 8/15/05 with my wife present, Rebecca advised and apologized for forgetting to send the court date notice. On this date when speaking with Rebecca with my file in hand, she did not advise nor was I aware that a warrant notice had been issued for you to falsely arrest me a second time, which I believe is your intent. I respectfully request a written reply to this complaint.
October 13, 2005

Swansea Police Department
PO Box 429
Swansea, SC 29160
ATTN: Rebecca Barnett, Clerk of the Court
RE: 23694DG; 23695DG
Ms. Barnett,
There was no notice certified or otherwise received by me regarding a court date for 9/27/05.
Enclosed is a copy of prior statements and requests. Please cease and desist you department’s harassment. Also see these sites regarding your department and this complaint.