Friday, May 04, 2012

Complaint against Deputies at Southwest Detention Center

Complaint against Deputies at Southwest Detention Center

At 2: PM spoke to Sgt. Logan via telephone 951 696-3050 this date 5/3/2012 regarding filing a complaint against several officers at the SOUTHWEST Detention Center.

My Complaints:
2 deputies were instrumental in gloating the apparently inexperienced CHP officer to increase the penalties in my unlawful arrest. His original statements were that he only wanted to charge me with what I thought he said was a 463(b)?
They continued to insist or suggest that he charge me with a 148. The Deputy writing the report asked a female behind the window whether it should be a plain 148 or 148PC.
I objected to this due to my being cooperative, I felt and feel that the CHP was practicing profiling, selective law enforcement, and now they were conspiring to join his illegal activities in violation of my human and civil rights, see: wish to file a discrimination complaint against these 2 Deputies for what I consider a violation of my civil rights as stated by:

Quote by Forensic Anthropologist Clyde C. Snow  Regarding Abuse of Police Powers:

“Of all the forms of murder, none is more monstrous than that       committed by a state against its own citizens. And of all murder victims, those of the state are the most helpless and vulnerable since the very entity to which they have entrusted their lives and safety becomes their killer. Thus, it is especially important that states be called to account for their deeds”.                                    

After being booked and held captive illegally, immorally by the Deputies, it only began to end when I was confronted by the outtake Deputy Dempsey I.D. 4469 who stated I had an outstanding warrant from the City of Santa Clarita CA for vehicle violations. Deputy Dempsey refused to allow me to see the warrant. When asked the charges of the vehicle code violations, he stated he did not know, When I stated I was not comfortable signing the citation without knowing the violations, he indicated that I wasn’t going to be discharged until I signed the citation.
I don’t believe and hope that your department treats Caucasians in this manner.
It is my desire that this statement is a part of an official complaint against these Deputies and corrective action is taken by their supervisors.
Problems as these exist, and will continue to exist until the racist system is replaced by an affirmative action see: fair and equitable practice to include more African American Police Officer, District Attorney’s, Judges in particular. Riverside County is said by many of being the most racist in California should begin a process of justice for all to include African Americans.

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