Thursday, October 16, 2008


October 16, 2008
While Driving While BLACK in 2003 in Colton, CA, I was a victim of Selective Law enforcement. I was also falsely arrested by Deputy Hermosillo and his Caucasian supervisor(s). Their premises for the arrest were stated that I refused to sign a citation. After asking to be taken to court in lieu of signing the citation I was told that I didn’t have that right, and was told that I would be arrested and taken to jail. I was arrested, booked and jailed. I called a towing company to pick up my vehicle, and the Deputy refused to allow Secured Collateral to take the vehicle. The cost to recover the vehicle was approx. $180.00.
The Jailer at the West Valley facility refused to keep me at their facility admonished the officer and demanded that he immediately transport me to the court in San Bernardino.
Upon appearing before a Commissioner at the San Bernardino Court, he admonished the officers and advised them that I had a right to be heard in his court, and could refuse to sign the citation.
It was my intent to sue at the time, but did not have the funds to hire an attorney.
Believing that the Commissioner, Judge had dismissed my case, and not hearing further from the court, I was surprised recently to find that there was a failure to appear and my California CDL license had been suspended due to this false arrest and incarceration.
Shortly after this and other citations “Driving While Black” in California I felt the need to leave this state and moved to Texas. While applying for a Texas CDL I had to clear citations and warrants outstanding in several states. This warrant or failure to appear was not a part of my DMV record, justifying my belief that the charges were dismissed.
Re: Commissioner Bradley
(See transcript)
Commissioner W. Charles Bradley denied me due process by denying my ex parte request, per ccp section 170.6, that said judge or commissioner be disqualified from hearing the above entitled matter. After hearing the judge hear several cases, several being Caucasian defendants where their fines were reduced considerably and people of color were fined excessively.
Commissioner Bradley also dismissed assessments on Caucasians where he failed to do on most people of color.
After refusing to disqualify himself as requested Commissioner Bradley refused to allow me to testify and deemed me guilty and told me to be seated.
Commissioner Bradley appeared to become upset when I asked that he be dismissed and I would prefer to be tried before a Black judge.
After leaving Commissioner Bradley’s court 9/29/08 I later returned, met the Bailiff in the hallway, and asked her if I could ask the Judge to drop the assessment of $250.00 as he had done for others, in order that I could get an abstract in order that I could gain employment in the trucking industry. The Bailiff refused me access to the Commissioner stating he was upset with my asking for a Black Judge.

I returned to the Court 10/01/08 having to wait in line 6AM in the morning to see Commissioner Bradley at 1:15 PM, after immediately entering his court room was told to go to the court room across the hall. There I went before Judge Michael A. Smith.
I was advised by Judge Smith that my rights had been violated by Commissioner Bradley. (See transcript, recoding).

I ask that the charges of failure to appear, the fine of $125.00 be dismissed, and all false charges be removed from my record.

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