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Is There Due Process in Courts when African Americans are Victims?
BLACK AMERICA is in the state it is because courts are not allowing due process and are not operating under Federal guidelines mandated by Civil Rights legislation. When Civil Rights regulations are enforced by courts and the Department of Justice, it contribute to an improvement to the "STATE of BLACK AMERICA".
The following correspondence is an example of how San Diego Courts react when AFRICAN AMERICANS are concerned.
The Superior Court of California
EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE COURT MICHAEL M. RODDY Executive Officer and Clerk Jury Commissioner
April 9, 2008
Walter L.Ellis

Re: Letter Regarding Citation No. A63682A

Dear Mr.Ellis:
I have reviewed your letter dated February 14, 2008, which states it was sent to the
Administrative Office of the Courts ("AOC"), with copies sent to this court and others. You ask in the letter that the charges on the above citation be dropped and the conviction be removed from record.
A review of our court records shows that, in response to this letter, the commissioner in traffic court set a further appearance in this matter for March 17, 2008, and provided you notice of that hearing.
The court docket reflects there was no appearance on March 17, 2008, and therefore no action was taken.This is consistent with previous attempts by the court to provide you an opportunity to address the merits of this case. Thus, the conviction and reflection on the DMV driving record both remain in place. Additionally, our communications with the AOC shows they did not receive the letter that was addressed to their Human Resources Division. In light of your failure to take any actions on this case in response to the notices sent by the court, no further action will be taken by the court at this time. The history of correspondence, along with this letter will be maintained as part of the court record.
Very truly yours,

Executive Officer

c: Administrative Office of the Courts
Court File
Your Agency is operating under the guidelines of Federal Regulations of Affirmative Action and Civil rights legislation under the Department of Justice. When regulations mandated by the Department of Justice are enforced, they will contribute to an improvement in the “STATE of BLACK AMERICA”.

UAAD has been instrumental in filing numerous Civil rights and Human rights complaints with Federal and State Agencies since the mid 80's. These complaints are “always” ignored when African Americans are the victims.

After receiving a mailed citation showing a picture of a lady stated to be my wife running a red light in the city of San Diego, California, and realizing that it could not have been her driving the vehicle, I began protesting the citation on her behalf. (see the following):

November 20, 2007
Honorable Janis L. Sammartino
RE: Citation A63682A
Dear Sir or Madam,
I have asked that the charges regarding this citation be dismissed in the interest of justice.
I have appeared in court before a judge pro-tem and asked that a Judge hear my case, as I understand that I have the right under the law. Due to the fact that I am an out of state citizen, and I travel frequently with my husband who is a truck driver , I have asked and again ask for trial by written declaration, form TR-205 enclosed.
Your court has ignored previous written request sent by registered mail since September 18, 2007. As I stated to Judge pro-tem Riley on 10/16/07 I would not give up my right to a speedy trial. My written statements to the court also indicate that I do not have and can’t perceive having monies for bail or find due to my limited retirement income. I have also asked, and asked again that the court fully explain:
My right to a speedy trial. After appearing on 10/16/07 and asking for trial by written declaration since September 18, 2007 when does my right to a speedy trial begin?
After asking that a Judge rather than a Commissioner hear my case, why am I now being asked to appear before this same Commissioner that I thought I had the right to dismiss for prejudice?
I am not guilty of the violation I have been charged, and I ask in the interest of justice that the charges be dismissed with an explanation of my rights to a speedy trial and the procedures to dismiss a Judge. In my opinion I believe these procedures should be spelled out clearly and concisely by the court and on the citations and notices to appear in court no matter the offense. These notices should be clearly spelled out whether it pertains to felonies, misdemeanors, traffic or infractions.
The hidden procedures and the lack of the court to explain the rights and procedures to a lay person as myself, makes it difficult to receive a fair hearing in this and other courts, especially minorities.

Due to the distance to the court, and the lack of transportation and funds, we asked that this case be heard by Letters of Declaration, a process that is available to Caucasians only apparently. The court in our case state that a $600 plus bond (fine) have to be posted in order to qualify for a Letter of Declaration appearance. This demand of posting a bond was demanded after I and my wife appeared in person on the date stated in the citation. After an appearance in court all Caucasians I have been in court with are not demanded to post bonds after such an appearance.
My question to the Judicial System is, How can an African American be awarded “DUE PROCESS” when the same procedures are not followed that are granted to others?
We ask and demand that these questions be answered in writing, and demand that the citation be dismissed or delayed until we can receive a reasonable answer.


This country’s HUMAN RIGHTS violation is worse than the Rights this administration is accusing CHINA and other countries of committing.

These conditions exist due to Federal and State agencies conspiring with companies in violating Civil Rights laws and regulations. It is very difficult for an agency such as the FBI to enforce regulations that they themselves do not believe in and seldom enforce, unless the injured party is a White female as practiced under the so-called “Affirmative Action” legislation put in place and implemented to dilute Civil Rights legislation in order that White Females and White Males would be the beneficiaries.
Courts, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies fail to act when African Americans are concerned? see: , The Feds Regulate and Collaborate with Banks
Congress, the MEDIA nor Government Agencies are concerned when African Americans are the victims
Walter L. Ellis, CEO UAAD

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